How to Tell if You are Grinding Your Teeth at Night

A smile is known to enhance the value of one’s face.  This is why people are encouraged to smile a lot.  There are ways that one can make their smiles even better.  For instance, one needs to take very good care of their dental health.  This can be done in various ways.  One of them is ensuring that you brush your teeth at least twice every day.  It is also important to ensure that you use the right toothbrush as well as toothpaste.  Discriminating the harmful foods is another thing that you need to do.  Taking good care of your dental health helps in avoiding various dental problems. Click for more info on this link. 

There are so many dental conditions that people are suffering from out there.  For instance, we have bruxism.  Bruxism is a condition that is characterized by grinding of the teeth.  It happens mostly at night but can also happen during the day.  Bruxism is a condition that so many people are battling with.  The grinding of the teeth is attributed to several things.  Some of the common ones are as follows.  Missing teeth, crooked teeth, anxiety, stress, as well as abnormal bite are some of them.  Sleeping disorders such as apnea have also been closely associated with bruxism.  There are some risks that are associated with long term grinding of teeth.  The following are a few examples.  One can lose teeth or they can become loosened.  One is also at the risk of getting flattened or worn down teeth.  Changes in the appearance of the face, as well as chronic pain, are the other risks. Visit this website to learn more. 

There are so many signs that indicate the possibility of this condition.  The following are some of them.  The first sign is the occurrence of squeaking or grinding sounds.  You will be able to know about this following your partner’s complain of grinding sound while you are sleeping.  The second thing that you need to be on the lookout for is damaged teeth.  One should seek medical attention once they discover their teeth are cracked or chipped.  This is one of the common signs of bruxism.

One also needs to be concerned when their teeth become sensitive.  It is because of grinding that teeth become sensitive.  You will also experience more aches and pains.  One should also be on the lookout for pain in the temples and ears.  You should also be wary once you discover that your tongue and cheeks are damaged.

Flat teeth is the other sign of bruxism. Flattened teeth arise as a result of grinding of the teeth.  There are several options when it comes to the treatment of bruxism. Click here for more info:

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